Michael Anthony White was born and raised near the Tampa, Florida area. Michael, as a child and an adult, found himself in minor trouble with the law sporadically. “Which” would lead to a revolving door of jail cells. At the age of 36, Michael was arrested and jailed on multiple charges and found himself to be the main suspect in his father’s murder. Addicted to painkillers, cocaine, and anything else that made him feel good. Now being locked away in jail as a murder suspect he found himself desperate, miserable and hopeless. However, Michael’s time spent in jail turned out to be a major blessing in disguise and amazingly a life-altering event that led to a burning desire which is known as RESURRECTED FROM HELL. Michael started writing Resurrected From Hell, while in jail. His writing style is distinctive and versatile and holds a positive message for the reader while also having a unique twist that is narrative and very compelling. He has a profound teaching of Christianity that he attributes to “THE HOLY SPIRIT” which is interesting because it wasn’t long ago where he found himself questioning whether GOD really existed. So when you take that into consideration, and the fact that he has no Bible school teachings or any other biblical teachings from a church, pastor or anyone else. It makes things appealing for a believer and non-believer alike. Perhaps helping others connect to GOD in a way they never thought possible. Which is Michael’s desire and the main reason he began writing Resurrected From Hell the series as well as other titles and blogs that he has written.

Michael has been quoted saying:
“GOD has taught me that there are two types of Christianity.”
“1. That is led by THE HOLY SPIRIT of GOD.”
“2. Based on of what man thinks it should be/ the influence of satan.”

With that being said; it’s up to you to form your own opinion of that statement. Whatever you decide one thing is for certain whenever you read any of his work you will not be disappointed in your read. His authorship definitely brings a new, never seen before look into Christian beliefs as well as outlining how any individual can connect with GOD on an intimate level. After being released from jail Michael began to correspond with different publishers’ and after submitting his Resurrected From Hell manuscript to one of the largest Christian publishing companies that said: They would not publish Resurrected From Hell because of its content. However, that is the same content that you find in the bible. Interesting enough that a Christian publishing company refused to publish Resurrected From Hell, is also owned and operated by one of the largest church organizations in America. That alone could bring some clarity to Michael’s statement on two types of Christianity. Michael is currently working on self-publishing books as well as writing blogs. If you wish to contact Michael, please feel free to do so at the links provided below.


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